Metal & Acrylic

Metal & Acrylic Prints provide a unique way to display photography.  These types of prints are done on a Custom Order basis.   Feel free to contact us anytime for a quote.  The Metal Prints which are the most popular custom order for offices especially are light-weight to hang and move around compared to large scale prints that have to be mounted then set in frames with glass.  The saturation of ink facilitates vibrant colors.  As long as they are stored or displayed properly they are very durable and will hold for many years.

metal prints for pacific sothebys in la jolla by john cocozza photography  san diego fire dept winner of metal print from john cocozza photography  metal prints of landscapes for sale as artwork in office decor  

We offer a wide range of sizes for the metal prints including standard sizes from 8"x12" up to 40"x60".  Custom orders are available and priced on a per project basis and may include a graphic design fee. 


While most of the sizes offered are standard format sizes, there are a couple that when ordered will have some cropping applied due to the printing aspect ratio.

* Metal Prints sized at 11"x14" and 16"x20" will have some Cropping of photo due to aspect ratio of printing dimensions.






Currently John Cocozza Photography metal and acrylic prints are only available to be shipped within the US.   International orders are Not available at this time.  

Please allow up to 14 business days for delivery.   If you do not receive your order within 14 business days or been given notification by John Cocozza Photography on a delay please make sure to contact via

A shipping and handling charge will be added to your order for each metal print as they need to be packed securely and depending on the size of the print may need large scale packaging or crating.

8"x12" - 12"x18" : Estimated Shipping will be $24.95

16"x20" - 24"x36" : Estimated Shipping will be $34.95

30"x45" : Estimated Shipping will be $34.95 plus Crating Fee of $76.00

36"x54" - 40"x60" : Estimated Shipping will be $84.95 plus Crating Fee of $76.00

* Rates are potentially per item based on size of order.
* If when ordering multiple prints an additional Crating Fee of $76.00 may be charged.

For More Information on Returns & Exchanges or Taxes Charged Please Click Here


If you would like to talk with us first about what will fit well in your office space. We can provide suggestions or themes.   Custom Paneling of Metal or Acrylic Prints is available as well.