"God created the heavens and the earth, the oceans and the waves for our enjoyment. Surfing is just my way of worshipping Him."  Bethany Hamilton

The Surfing Photography collection of photos represent some of my favorite images from my archives.  I have been photographing surfing for more than half my life and it is still one of my biggest passions.  I love being around the ocean.  Its rejuvenating and allows you to forget about your troubles in the real world.  I also love that you only have 1 chance to capture that image.  There are no redos.  That wave or rider will never come again because no 2 waves are the same.  

My Surfing Photography collection is now available as prints for your home decor or office interior design.   All photography is available in a variety of printing formats such as photo prints, canvas, metal prints, and acrylic.
  Here is the collection of some of my favorites.