john cocozza photography about page

For nearly 20 years, John Cocozza has worked as a professional photographer capturing beautiful imagery throughout his travels and career.  Now you can own some his best work to decorate your home or office.

Empty waves, sunsets, coastal landscapes, and picturesque scenics are all now available to you in the format of beautiful metal prints.

Working as a professional surfing photographer since the early age of 19, John Cocozza, has had his photographic work published in print and online for media and magazines such as Surfing, Transworld, WATER, Eastern Surf Magazine, VERT, Tracks, Surfshot, Surf News, Surfrider Foundation, and Surfers Journal to name a few.

John Cocozza had the opportunity to come to San Diego at the age of 21 from a small beach town in NJ and work with his idol, the legendary photographer Aaron Chang.  Aaron not only trained John in the arena of surfing photography but also in the realm of commercial photography.

john cocozza photography about page